Tastes of Dalmatia

Omiš is a Mediterranean town full of restaurants and cafés.
Mediterranean cuisine - olive oil, fish and seafood, local vegetables and wine are all a part of a thousand-year tradition of this area, and perhaps the most direct way to fully experience the true spirit of the Mediterranean.

Soparnik is a dish traditionally linked to the Poljicka Republic (right bank of the mouth of the River Cetina). With time, it eventually moved towards the hinterland area of Omiš on the left bank of the River Cetina. Preparing this meal is a real culinary celebration, and is usually prepared just before the holidays (Christmas, Easter and the Feast of the Assumption).

Indulge in the dishes from Cetina just as the famous Omiš pirates would once enjoy such as frogs, eels and trout, seafood specialties and various traditional dishes of the region such as bread and baked meat.

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