The highlight of Omiš’ cultural summer belongs to the "Festival of Dalmatian Klapa singing", which has existed since 1967. The Festival of Dalmatian Klapa singing has contributed to fostering a culture of singing and vocal groups that had success at Omiš festivals and are highly esteemed throughout Europe at festivals of this kind. Dalmatian Klapa singing is based on a capella singing with lyrics that portray the lives of Dalmatian fishermen and hard-working people throughout the centuries.

In addition to the "Festival of Dalmatian Klapa singing" in the cultural program of the "Omiš Cultural Summer" there are also concerts and recitals in churches and the cloister of the Franciscan monastery, performances on squares in the open air, local festivities, exhibitions, literary and musical gatherings.

The Omiš Pirates Night, Crazy Jumps, the Omiš Swimming Marathon, Fishermen’s Night, Carnival, and the celebration of Labour Day in the Radman's mill which gathers tens of thousands of people from across Dalmatia are just some of the events that will make your visit to Omiš simply unforgettable.

For those looking for nightlife and entertainment, numerous bars, nightclubs and disco bars in Omiš, Split and the Makarska Riviera will guarantee an unforgettable holiday.

Spend your holiday at the Diadem Hotel and enjoy the numerous cultural events.

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